Damaria Bates, LCPC

“At every given moment we are absolutely

perfect for what is required

for our journey.” 

- Steve Maraboli


Damaria has been in the Social Service Field for over 18 years. Her passion for helping others who are unable to help themselves has been her solid foundation for serving others from the beginning. Over the years, Damaria’s realization that life is only gifted once was her drive to empower others to make it their best. It’s not always easy making it through this thing we call life, but with extra support and love, it’s more than possible. Her past work includes adolescents from ages 3 all the way up to senior adults. 


Damaria has experience working with the methadone population for 10 years concerning narcotics and transitioned into mental health also investing her work into conviction and imprisonment non-profit organizations. Her consistent dedication to those in need, whether it be homeless individuals or survivors of domestic violence, has reminded her that she was chosen by God through her ability to overcome life’s adversities to administer healing to wholeness. Despite serving those of all backgrounds, Damaria specializes in serving women, children and seniors.


Education and Licensure:

Bachelor of Science, Psychology 

Chicago State University


Master of Arts, Mental Health Counseling

Chicago State University


Illinois Counseling License Number: 180.013039

Office Address:


South Loop Office (Monday - Saturday)

1136 S. Delano Court West, Suite B201 

Chicago, Illinois, 60605


Office Phone:

(708) 654-1929





Hours of Operations:


Administrative Hours M-F 9am - 2pm 

Monday - Friday 9am - 9pm

Saturday 9am - 5pm

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